Conference Schedule 2009

There is nothing like a good conference to get an attendee challenged, equipped and “pumped up” for their return to the ministries that God has called them.  I enjoy the “highs” that a conference brings.  It is concentrated instruction, a bombardment of the soul.  It, when applied personally, can have far reaching impact into one’s ministry.

I am allotted one week per year for conference attendance.  I personally pay for all costs of these conferences, so I don’t tend to go far or have a large list of conferences to attend.  Here is my list of conferences I plan on attending in 2009:

  1. Biblical Counseling Training Conference at Faith Baptist Church, Lafayette, Indiana.  I will be taking “Track 4” this year and one of my goals is to recieve NANC certification this year as well.  I am already registered for this conference in February, so it is a “fo sho” thing.  Speakers include Paul Tripp, Randy Patten, Steve Viars and others.
  2. The Gospel Coalition 2009 National Conference: Entrusted with the Gospel at Chicago, Illinois.  I have been debating about this conference since late 2008.  It is also “in my backyard” and not a long conference – I could easily give some vacation days to attend.  (One problem is that it comes on the heels of my family vacation during spring break).  Speakers include: Tim Keller, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Bryan Chapell, Ligon Duncan and others.
  3. The Straight Up Ministry Leaders Conference at Harvest Bible in Illinois.  James MacDonald is one of my favorite, passionate preachers of all time; I always learn so much from his practical instruction.  I don’t have much info on this conference, but thoroughly enjoyed attending in October of 2008.  Will probably plan on attending this fall.  You can listen to this conference’s previous sessions here.

I anticipate attending Together For the Gospel in 2010.  I have heard good things of this conference and am already making special plans to attend it.

Do you attend any conferences?  If so, what are they?  Any suggestions for me to consider?


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