Keep on walking… with God.

This morning I was listening to the Bible Reading Program that I am using for 2009.  I was listening just following along with the reader in my Reformation Study Bible when he said a phrase that made me pause the audio.  In fact it made me sit back and re-read the passage in Genesis 6 again.  The text said this, “Noah walked with God.” (v.9)  He walked with God.  That led me to wonder who else “walked with God”.  Turns out that Noah is in some pretty good company.  Enoch also walked with God.  As did David.  Those are some big hitters!  I want it to be said of me that “Mark walked with God”.  That would be a huge compliment – the ultimate epitaph.

Matt over at Humbly Reforming posted a video excerpt from John Piper that speaks to how one can accomplish the goal of walking with God.  Perhaps it is more of a challenge from Dr.Piper when he asks, “where are the faithful young men?”.  Check it out.

Ian over at Kirkmuirhill’srev speaks to the challenge he received from Ezra 7.  Ezra was pretty charged up and “set his heart” to study the law of the Lord.  Do you want to be known as one that “walks with God”?  Set your heart to study the Word – you’ll quickly reflect your close relationship with your Lord.

Mark at TheResurgence explains that evangelism is also part of the evidence that you walk with God.  You cannot be close to God, studying His word, without having a great burden and love for the lost around you.

While it is not on my list of “resolutions / goals”, I am determined to be known as a man that walked with God.  It will come at the high price of the high view I have of myself.


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