James MacDonald reveals his distaste for “wine tasting”.

“…Ok, here’s the truth.  Wine people really bug me; not the ones who drink it, but you know, the ones who are so into it.  And NO! it’s not because I am a total abstainer.  Fine, have your glass of wine. Glory in your liberty if you must. I really am not bothered by that.  What bugs me is all this connoisseur crap.  You know all the vintage, and bouquet and swirling and smelling.  Ohhh please.  It’s a beverage, get over yourself.  You like it, congratulations!  Is it really better than fruit juice or Kool-Aid?  I mean, I was thirsty, I drank something that quenched my thirst and I liked it, big deal!  “Ohh this new G2 grape Gatorade,  it’s toootallly out of this world, bottled in July of ‘08, you have to breath this in, look at the way it sparkles in the glass” Ooohhh puuulllleeasssse!…”[]

Read the rest of the article here.

On a prayerful note, please be in prayer for Pastor James as he undergoes treatment for prostrate cancer in California.  He is a godly teacher and wonderful example, not only to his own church, but to many who listen to his daily radio broadcast, Walk in the Word, or purchase his resources.  God bless him!


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