Why your church (and you) should pray for President Obama

I’ve seen many “open prayers” and “open letters” for President Obama.  I cannot doubt their sincerity.  My prayer is that they are not written, or given, as a sick spiritual gimmick, desirious of only the attention that would be given to them.

The church of Jesus Christ is strongly encouraged to pray for our leaders.  Not when our party is in office, but regardless of who fills the office.  (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

Why should the church pray for President Obama?

  1. Because we are exhorted to do so – 1 Timothy 2
  2. Because it is a recognition that God has established his authority – Romans 13
  3. Because God gives power to world authorities – Daniel 2
  4. Because it is God who turns the king’s heart, like channels of water in His hand – Proverbs 21
  5. Because we should desire to live a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity – 1 Timothy 2

These are just the beginning of reasons why you should pray, and encourage your brothers and sisters to pray, for President Obama.  Perhaps you didn’t vote for him, don’t like him, don’t agree with his policies, his religious stance, his view of abortion, his foriegn policy, his financial policy…on and on.  Well, that gives you plenty to pray about then, doesn’t it?  No more struggling on what to pray, we can fill our time with prayer for our President, His cabinet, Congressional leaders and so on.

What makes me concerned is that the church, which readily accepts the sovereignty of God in so many areas of life, fails to realize that God is sovereign in our political arena as well.  Chrisitans, of all people, should not be people whose lives are characterized by fear, dismay or worry.  It’s time for the church to step up and make it’s voice be known…in the ear of God.


One thought on “Why your church (and you) should pray for President Obama

  1. Oh yes… I pray several times a day for Obama; that he will have a change of heart. Or, if that doesn’t happen, that he will get impeached…

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