Growing Up Christian.

Growing Up Christian

Growing Up Christian

I would like to recommend to you a book that has the potential to grab your child’s heart in ways no other book can.  Growing Up Christian is a book designed for teens, raised in the church, to really examine their faith.  Is my faith genuine?  Is it just a mirror image of mom & dad’s faith?  Am I a genuine believer?  What fruit do I show in my Christian life?  This book, while being extremely readable, is very hard-hitting and gets precisely to the apathy that many “churched kids” seem to exhibit.  It challenges them to live above the “norm” of their Christian peers and examine their hearts to light anew the passion of understanding and realizing the grace that has been given to them through Jesus Christ.

Broken into three parts: Recognizing Blessings and Dangers, Thinking Biblically and Living Biblically, Growing Up Christian takes the familiar and makes it fantastic.  Each chapter begins with a challenge from Scripture and lays out the goal for the reader for that particular chapter.  Sprinkled throughout the book are “Think About It” text boxes, calling out to the teen to spend some time meditating on a quote or verse.  The author’s words are then reinforced with Scripture in sections entitled, “Take His Word For It” and then readers are asked to “Look Into The Mirror” where self-examination takes place.  Every chapter has questions for consideration and discussion making this book perfect for the small group or small Bible study.

One thing I really appreciated from this particular book was that at the end of every chapter he would include lyrics to a song that would focus the teen to look to God, see who He is and come to worship and praise as a result.  Karl Graustein’s church is affliated with the Sovereign Grace ministries, which only solidifies this recommendation.  If you are a parent, pastor, friend of someone struggling with their children or perhaps a teen, I highly recommend this book to you.  Get it, read it & let me know what you think.


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