Vacation In Israel Excavating for Joshua’s AI (Joshua 7&8)

The Board of Directors of the Associates for Biblical Research has approved our return to the archaeological excavations at Khirbet el-Maqatir, Israel, 16 km. north of Jerusalem. This excavation wil be conducted under the direction of ABR Director of Research, Dr. Bryant Wood. Topography, fortifications, and pottery finds all suggest that Kh. el-Maqatir is a candidate for the Ai of Joshua 7-8.

The location of Joshua’s Ai has been a matter of mystery and controversy since the beginnings of archaeological research in Palestine. Most archaeologists locate Joshua’s Ai at et-Tell, 1 km. east of our site. At et-Tell there is no indication of occupation at the time of Joshua. This has led scholars to doubt the historicity of the account of the capture of Ai, and the Conquest in general.

This was excerpted from the Associates for Biblical Research‘s website.  Read here for the complete article.  Cost for this once in a lifetime trip is $3599 from JFK airport; or, if you’d like to make your own air travel arrangements, the trip is discounted to $2199 for land travel only.  The area is secure and yet still close enough to Jerusalem to visit the sites.  Dates are 5/20/09 through 6/07/09.


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