Will you think critically (Christianly) of the Superbowl Ads?

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding led by Walt Mueller is a wonderful resource for those keeping up with the ever-changing culture of our teens & pre-teens.  They believe that every Christian ought to – (must) – practice “thinking Christianly”, especially when it comes to media.  I agree with them.  They have made available a resource on how to “Think Critically (and Christianly) About SuperBowl Commercials“.  It is a one page pdf file that can be printed off and used in a youth group setting, or even a family setting.  Teach your kids to “watch what they watch”.  What are we letting our minds dwell on?  Do we see the subtlety of the Serpent in our media?  CPYU also has a resource entitled “How to Use Your Head to Guard Your Heart: A 3(D) Guide to Making Responsible Media Choices” available on their website.  I challenge you to view with discerment these ads that will garner so much interest in our teen’s lives.

They also offer a FREE weekly email newsletter that allows you to stay up to date on youth and culture.


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