Biblical Counseling Training Conference: Full Day #1

I’ll list the titles of the sessions I’ve had thus far and comment on the one that impacted me the most.  When attending a conference such as this – one designed for the attendee to take the material back to the “counseling situation” – one often finds himself (myself) “counseling” themselves.  As it is often stated, “the best counselor is a good counselee” – meaning, that we never stop growing ourselves in this ongoing process of progressive sanctification.  Anyway, here are the titles of the sessions I’ve completed so far:

  • Old Testament Narrative – (using the OT narratives in counseling so that the counselee gets a clear picture of who God is and how He is interacting in the lives of men) – Brent Aucoin
  • Counseling Anorexics – (counseling those involved in the enslaving behavior of eating disorders).  This was given from two counselors that work with the Vision of Hope home for girls here in Lafayette.  What a great ministry!
  • Counseling Assurance: Helping the Doubting Counselee – (counseling those who doubt their salvation; understanding soteriology) – Kevin Carson
  • Heart of Homosexuality – (counseling those involved in Same Sex Attraction)  Given by Dr. Higbee of Twelve Stones ministries – another great organization
  • What to Say When the World Caves In – (counseling those in the midst of difficult times and times of suffering) – Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • When Others Sin Against You – (a look at 1 Peter 2:18-25 and helping counselees handle offenses correctly) – Dr. Wickert
  • Hope and Help for Hurting Parents #1 – (counseling parents correctly on the “guarantees” of parenting older children – teens & older) – Brad Bigney

At the end of the day, it is hard to distinguish which session made the most impact.  I’ve narrowed it down to two: Personally and Parentally.  Check out those notes as you have time.

This conference is proving to be very beneficial.
Update on my back: I’ve been alternating sitting and standing in sessions to keep from being in one position too long.  However, even with the hot tub soakings, my back is getting stiff quickly.  God is good, and I’m sure I’m in better shape than I would be without the tub.


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