Grace upon Grace

A break from the usual for a personal post.  Grace was overwhelming evident today in our morning worship hour.  Our congregation surprised my family with an all-expense paid vacation to Florida during the week of Spring Break!  This is quite a feat seeing there is 7 of us total.  We will be staying in the Orlando area for 7 days, spending 1 day at Disney World (all paid), 1 day at the Holy Land Experience (all paid) and also have access to a 3 bedroom condo in Tennessee for our going down and coming back trips!  They have given monies toward fuel, food and entertainment!  They even found someone to watch our pets while we were gone!  We are so excited and grateful for the way that God is working through them to encourage us.  The sacrifices on our behalf have just blown us away.  We are so thankful and are very excited about getting away in April.

Of course, my two youngest thought we were leaving today – the three year old started crying when we pulled in our driveway after church because he thought we were going to Florida that very instant!  God is so good to us!


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