Jay Adams – Celebrates 80 years.

Jay Adams, a leader in nouthetic counseling comments on turning 80 and also gives some advice to those “less-experienced”:

Eighty years old! I truly never thought I’d live this long. It makes me wonder what the Lord has in mind for me to do during the last few years that I have left. Surely, without some worthwhile project or projects, I’d dry up and blow away. Whether writing these blogs is or is not a worthwhile activity I shall find out in time. For the moment, in addition to teaching at my church, this is my major activity.

At eighty, you begin to have physical limitations. I don’t walk well; only passably well. I can still drive, but I’d just as well not—unless it’s to the little town five miles away where we do most of our regular shopping. Eyesight’s fine—my lens implants have stood me well for twenty years. I still see better with them than when I was a child! Hearing is a problem, but not if you speak up a little more! What was that you just said?

One thing that I’ve noticed—and am exceedingly grateful for—is that I still have all of my mental facilities intact. Though, perhaps, some would say they never were intact. That there has been little change I can vouch for—at least from my perspective. That fact, and because I don’t get around as well as before, is one reason why I’m spending time blogging. I can sit and do that. And, now and then, there may be someone who receives help from a particular posting.

At eighty, I ought to have some sage advice to give the young. Let’s see, if I were to pick one thing only, that might be of importance, what would it be? Hmmmm . . .

Click here for the rest of the article and some advice on aging.


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