Life = Love

Are you ready for some fast hitting thoughts?  These all come out of 1 John 3.

  • The children of the devil do not love.  v.10
  • The message from the beginning has all been about loving one another. v.11
  • Those who have passed from death to life, love. v.14
  • Those who abide in death do not love. v.14
  • Jesus showed us what love is by laying down his life for us. v.16
  • When we share our material resources with our brothers in need, we show that the love of God abides in us. v.17
  • Love is more than just loving communication. v.18
  • We are commanded to love. v.23
  • We never would love except for the fact that God gave us love and called us his children.  v.1

Love is tangible.  One of the most obvious marks of being a child of God is that you practice righteousness through love.  If you have life, you have love.


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