More reading on Suffering, Sovereignty and How to deal with it all.

I am a daily reader of the Changeless Truth for Changing Times blog, (RPM ministries).  Today Dr. Kellemen wrote a post entitled, “God’s Healing for Life’s Losses: How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting“.  As one who is suffering physically – perhaps minimally on the grand scale of things – yet suffering nonetheless, these words were comforting.  I look forward to his future posts that will introduce God’s healing processes.

Just to give insight into where I am on the scene of “suffering”:

  • Three years ago I was afflicted with severe migraines – headaches that would totally incapacitate me.  After a little over a year and several doctor visits, they disappeared.
  • Last year I went through severe chest pains.  Chest pains that put me into the hospital for observation.  Again, a battery of tests ruling our any kind of heart trouble.  And, again, after a year or so these pains have disappeared.
  • Currently I am undergoing severe back, joint and soft tissue pain.  A recent (last week) MRI shows that I have two bulging discs, one offset disc and nerve impingement.   On the 20th I seek a back specialist’s recommendation.  The joint pain / soft tissue pain is not so easily diagnosed.  We’re still working through this.

Lest you think I am just not “cowboying up” and am some sort of softie, I can assure you I am no wimp.  What I do know is that pain can cause a person to become incredibly selfish.  It claws at your attention like nothing else.  It is unbelievably difficult to sit, stand or lie down when no position offers any comfort.  Torch like pain shooting down the back, across the backside and extending to the knee demands you pay it heed.  Pain forces you to look it in the eye, when you would much rather deal with your spouse, family or fellow workers.  In a word, severe pain is impossible.

And, that is precisely where God would have me be.  In an impossible situation, depending on Him for every moment of existence.  He has sovereignly brought me into this tribulation…He foreordained that I would find myself here.  And He will bring me through it.  He has to, He has given His word.  And, so not only do I exult in hope of the glory of God, but I also exult in my tribulation!  Knowing that my tribulation brings about perseverance, and perseverance brings about proven character and proven character, hope.  And hope does not disappoint…


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