A Link & Update: RPM Ministries focus

Dr. Robert Kellemen has been doing some wonderful work and it appears he’ll be expanding his ministries.   Please take the time to check out his resources and website!!

A Link:
RPM Ministries facebook page.

An Update:
I posted recently about the effect RPM Minsitries has had on my own life.  I would like you to consider visiting this ministry’s website and taking advantage of the many free resources and consistently biblical blog posts, articles and books.  The stated goal of RPM Ministries is to “[Equip] you to change lives with Christ’s Changeless Truth”.  They can encourage you in their Changing Lives Seminars with sessions on such topics as:

  • How to Care Like Christ
  • How to Find Hope when You’re Hurting
  • Celebrating the Legacy of African-American Christianity
  • “4E” Ministry Equipping
  • and so much more.

I’ve sat under Dr. Kellemen’s teaching and I can tell you that he has a heart for hurting people and the strong passion to equip church leaders to deal effectively with those that may be dealing with that are suffering.  I have been personally blessed and challenged by his writing and I strongly encourage you to check into his many resources.


One thought on “A Link & Update: RPM Ministries focus

  1. Pastor Mark,

    You are very gracious. Thank you.

    And you are a skilled tech guy. I’d love to learn how to put all those links directly in my site!


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