Getting comfortable with sin & God’s “Violent Grace”

How long is it before you find yourself comfortable with any particular sin?  After sinning once?  twice?  maybe ten times?  The hammering of your heart as you steal a look at your co-worker who is dressed provocatively…or does the heart even beat fast at all any more?  The Holy Spirit calling out to you not to speak falsehood and yet, you drown out his voice even as you speak.  The next lie comes easier and more quickly.  Where once in your marriage you passionately serve, now you only seek service.  You know of what I speak.

So does Paul Tripp in his book Whiter Than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy (Ps.51).

I was reading his excerpt on “Violent Grace” which expounds verse 8 of Psalm 51: Let the bones that you have broken rejoice. In it Tripp speaks to the comfortableness we find in our sin and God’s “blessing” us with violent, uncomfortable grace:

Yes, he really does love us enough to crush us, so that we would feel the pain of our sin and run to him for forgiveness and deliverance…

Think about it: the physical pain of an actual broken bone is worth being thankful for because its a warning sign something is wrong in that arm or leg.  In the same way, God’s loving hammer of conviction is meant to break your heart, and the pain of heart you feel is meant to alert you to the fact that something is spiritually wrong inside of you.  Like the warning signal of physical pain, the rescuing and restoring pain of convicting grace is a thing worth celebrating.

Where are you experiencing the “violent grace” of God in your life?  Do you now see the sin which you are comfortable with?  Would you today confess it and repent of it, celebrating the goodness of God’s violent grace in your life?  Grace to you as you continually submit to God and His word!


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