Book Review: Real Church by Larry Crabb – Thomas Nelson Pub.

In the book Real Church, Larry Crabb smacks head-on into one of the largest issues of Christianity today.  That issue is whether or not “church”, as it biblically should be, even exists.  Crabb boldly pulls back the curtain on the church, exposing it for what it is today.  He denounces several reasons people give for attending church and contrasts those with the desirable attributes of a church he would attend.  As he brings his book to a close, Larry Crabb authors four marks of a church he would like to be a part of.

Real Church is a book that addresses a topic which is both interesting and relevant.  Crabb seems to be dissatisfied with the “religious scene” and periodically portrays hopelessness in his writing.  Real Church appears to be very “me-centered”. Crabb certainly addresses several problems within the church but wearies the reader who might not be committed to wading through all the varied problems facing the church just to get to the solution.  I would recommend this book to those who are up to facing the problems that Crabb exposes and then, putting the book down, desire to do something about it.  My fear is that the author might unintentionally drive people away from the church as a result of finding common ground with his dissatisfaction.



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