Your Jesus is Too Safe – Jared Wilson (book review)

Jesus is divisive.  Everyone has an opinion of who Jesus was, what He did, what He looked like and what He represented.  Lots of opinions…not so much truth.  Even the church struggles in understanding exactly who Jesus is.  Riding to the rescue is Jared Wilson.  His latest release, Your Jesus is Too Safe, attempts to “remind us, for the glory of God and the hope of the world, of the original message of the historical person Jesus Christ, who was, in fact, God in the flesh”.  (p.15)

Let me begin by stating I have never read a theological book quite like this work of Wilson’s.  Be forewarned, it is not your momma’s theology primer.  Wilson speaks frankly, sometimes sarcastically, borderline caustic but always in your face truth.  For this reason, some folks may be turned off by, what they would term, “flippant” handling of details and beliefs surrounding Jesus Christ.  If your collar is starched a bit too much, you may not want to read this book.  However, if you can extend grace to a man who is passionate about his subject, Jesus Christ, then this book is a must read.  Jared begins by introducing you to the promise of Jesus and builds to a crescendo, Jesus as Savior.  When I finished reading chapter 12 (Jesus as Savior), I was moved to worship and left with a desire to read more of my Savior.  Jared Wilson’s book will encourage and challenge your thinking about the One with whom you have salvation.

One final thought: this is the first book in which I read every footnote.  These alone are worth the purchase.  I had to discipline myself to not “read ahead”.


Read more of Jared Wilson at his blog.


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