Soul Physicians: Our Worthy Groom’s Personality (ch.5)

Part 5 of an ongoing look at Dr. Bob Kellemen’s Soul Physicians: A Theology of Soul Care and Spiritual Direction.

“The battle for our minds and hearts is won or lost according to our image of God.  Since we reflect what we revel in and become like what we worship; we must know God in His majesty and beauty if we are to become like Him.” (p.74)  How do you see God?  How do the people you interact with on a daily basis see God?  Is He a tyrant, a benevolent dictator, a spineless do-gooder, is He righteous, holy and full of grace?  As you begin to reflect on how your understanding of God impacts your life, attitude, relationships and behavior – be comforted with the goodness of God as Dr.K explains it.  He examines two perspectives of God’s goodness: 1) The Holy Love of God: The Perfection of His Character and 2) The Personage of God: The Capacities of His Personhood

The Holy Love of God:
“That God is holy and loving is foundational to biblical Christianity and to biblical counseling”.  (p.75)  Kellemen acknowledges R.C. Sproul’s work, The Soul’s Quest for God, “…[reminding] us that spiritual directors of the past understood that without spiritual apprehension of God’s glorious excellency (majesty, holiness) and His beauty, no one could exalt or enjoy God”.  (p.75)  As we counsel, either ourselves or others, we must come to the understanding of God’s Holy Love in these four areas:

  • Sustaining – It is normal to hurt & your loving God cares
  • Healing – It is possible to hope because your Holy God controls
  • Reconciling – It is horrible to sin – sin is an affront to a Holy God; It is wonderful to be forgiven – God is loving
  • Guiding – It is supernatural to mature because you will be empowered by God’s Holy love to be holy and loving – conformed to this very image of God!

The Personage of God:
“Read any text of Scripture and you will touch the personality of God”.  (p.82)  Dr. Bob examines four aspects of God’s personality as he wraps up chapter 5:

  • God is relational: The Romancer Who Loves Passionately
    • “Despite endless infidelity, God expresses eternal fidelity” – p.83.  What a wonderful statement to meditate on and to be convicted by.
    • “God does not wink at sin.  He crucifies it” – p.83.  This brought to mind one of my favorite passages, Colossians 2:14
  • God is rational: The Dreamer Who Reflects Wisely
    • “..God not only correctly interprets the actions and motives of His people, He interacts with them in the same creative, imaginative question/answer style Jesus used throughout His earthly ministry” – p.84
    • May we do the same as we counsel and interact with those around us!
  • God is volitional: The Creator Who Purposes Responsibly
    • This provides comfort to the questioning soul: “…God guides, directs, and determines His plans and leads His creation according to His purposes” – p.84
  • God is emotional: The Singer Who Experiences Fully
    • “Though God experiences responsively and feels deeply, we should not think He is controlled by His emotions, or that He ‘flies off the handle’, or is ‘shocked and rocked’ by our actions”. – p.85
    • How, too, we must be living life making right choices, allowing our feelings to follow.

If you have not yet checked out Soul Physicians at RPM Ministries website, please do.  Dr. Bob Kellemen is also looking for participants to review his latest work, Sacred Friendships, for his upcoming blog tour.  You can find more information about that here.


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