Post-op Update: One Step at a Time.

Sunday morning: the coffee cup is drained and the house is quiet. I am left alone to think about this past week. Yes, it has almost been 7 days since I had back surgery. I would like to update those who read this blog, and then, prayerfully, get back into the business of blogging regularly.

Monday – 9/28 – I arrive at Lutheran Hospital in Ft.Wayne and prep for my surgery.  Surgery was at 1:00pm and took about an hour and half.  The work required was more extensive than first thought, but it seems to be successful.  I’ll leave out all the gritty details, suffice to say that due to the greater work, there is greater pain as a result. I have opportunity to pray with a nurse in the recovery room before going to my final destination.

Tuesday – 9.29 – I am out of bed and walking less than 24 hours after spinal fusion and pars fracture repair. Physical therapists “encourage” me to get on my feet and surprisingly, it doesn’ t feel all that bad. I am able to sit in a chair and accept visitors easily. I walk the entire unit before retiring for bed. God grants me opportunity to pray and “counsel” with two nurses today as they were in the middle of very trying personal circumstances.

Wednesday – 9/30 – Some time during the night pain engulfed me. The staff “hook me back up” to morphine and I feel that I am making no progress at all. It was a very discouraging day. Nerve pain, due to the extensive work, wracks my legs and hips. The surgeon requests x-rays to determine if everything still looks good. Everything appears normal, but the pain level is so high that I cannot go home today. Morphine drip stays in till Thursday morning.

Thursday – 10/1 – Pain level is decreased. I am unhooked from all attachments & tubes and even get a shower! Physical therapists push me as they have me navigate up and down the stairs. I am able to sit up and feel better than before. Primary pain is nerve pain, although the lower back is very sore. I get to go home and feel every bump in the highway during the 60 minute drive. Almost went back to the hospital at bedtime due to not being able to find a “comfortable” place to sleep. You would be surprised how low your furniture really is.

Friday – 10/2 – After a very fitful sleep, I awake feeling somewhat better yet. Left leg is the worse, and lower back on the right side is painful as well. I receive visitors at home and spend most of my day either: walking laps in the living room, sitting in a high back chair or lying in bed. Lots of rest today.

Saturday – 10/3 – Pain is lessening, but still somewhat severe. My strength is what seems to have left me. I can only manage little walks and any effort on my part causes me to break out in sweat. But I am feeling even better. Visitors stop by the house and I can carry on a conversation (almost without wincing!).

Sunday – 10/4 – Praising the Lord for His strength. Learning to be content with difficulties for Christ’ sake. Praising God for the grace He has showered on me and my family during these past 7 days. Looking forward to even greater recovery. Nerve pain is lessening even more and now it is mostly surgery pain that I am dealing with.

To all who have emailed, commented, posted on facebook or contacted me other ways to inform me that you were praying…thank you. I prayed, and praised God, for you during my stay at the hospital and my return home. You, too, were in my prayers. Thanks again, and may God bless you.


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