New Feature at Grace Dependent! Theological Thursdays!

I have decided to take Thursdays as a day where I will post Theological tid-bits, such as, defining theological terms, theology issues and such like.  These will not be extensive posts, but aimed at those readers of Grace Dependent desiring to grow in this area.  Thursdays will not be limited to just theology either, but will have a definite theological bent.  If you have specific questions or ideas for Theological Thursdays – (maybe even a better name) – please comment!  God bless.


Theology – A religious belief system about God or ultimate reality.  Theology commonly refers to the ordered, systematic study or interpretation of the Christian faith and experience of God based on God’s divine self-revelation.  Theology also seeks to apply these truths to the full breadth of human experience and thought.*

* – all definitions taken from the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms by Grenz, Guretzki and Nordling


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