Together for the Gospel 2010: input from the speakers

I’ve contacted some of the speakers that will be present at the upcoming Together for the Gospel 2010 conference and asked them a single question:

If you could give one reason to encourage pastors to attend the Together for the Gospel 2010 conference, what would it be?

Below are some of the responses I’ve received:

Kevin DeYoung:

There’s simply no conference like Together for the Gospel.  The speakers (present company excluded!) are some of the best in the world.  The bookstore is incredible.  And the fellowship with thousands of other like-minded men is a rare blessing.  You will leave T4G more excited about ministry and more passionate about the glory of God and the goodness of the gospel.

Eric Bancroft:

Attend T4G to be challenged both in sermon and fellowship to think deeply about the gospel and all the implications of that in our lives personally and our churches corporately.

Michael McKinley:

I would encourage pastors to attend T4G 2010 in order to be refreshed and encouraged in the work of the ministry.  I have attended the previous two conferences and each time I have found that the talks, the resources, and the fellowship have greatly re-energized me for the work to which I’ve been called.

Together for the Gospel 2010


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