Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr.David Jeremiah (review)


Recommended; hardcover, 250 pages.

Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr. Jeremiah is a sequel to his NY Times best-seller, “What in the World is Going on?“.  Dr. Jeremiah brings a message of calm in a time that clamors with chaos.  He stresses the need for Christians to rise above the world spinning out of control and demonstrate the practicality of Christ’s peace.  Dr. Jeremiah encourages and challenges the reader to live in a God-honoring way, confident in the Truth that is found in His Word.

Dr. Jeremiah takes the opportunity of instructing the reader how to maintain sensibility in a world gone mad through each of the ten chapters in this book.  He breaks down his message this way:

  • Chapter 1 – Stay Calm: This current society / culture offers chaos; Jesus Christ offers comfort and victory over anxiety.
  • Chapter 2 – Stay Compassionate: This world offers cruelty; Christians should be decidedly compassionate.
  • Chapter 3 – Stay Constructive: This world’s message is destructive; the Gospel is edifying.
  • Chapter 4 – Stay Challenged: The world demands a life of ease; Christ offers a cross – let’s be diligent as we bear it.
  • Chapter 5 – Stay Connected: The world hides in a social-networking construct; Christ offers the community of the Church.
  • Chapter 6 – Stay Centered: The world is focused on self; Christians need to focus on Christ.
  • Chapter 7 – Stay Confident: The world skeptical and needy; the Gospel, and God’s Word, offers stabilization and a sure foundation.
  • Chapter 8 – Stay Consistent: The world is intolerant and inconsistent; Christ offers in His Word, biblical principles to guide every section of life.
  • Chapter 9 – Stay Committed: The world’s nerves are frayed and society is desperate; Christians live confidently in a God-ordered and ordained life.
  • Chapter 10 – Stay Convinced: The world offers no hope for the future; Christians live in the hope of eternal life, and the expectancy of Christ’s return.

I found Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World to be very easy to read and thought-provoking.  The book is certainly tied to the circumstances of today, yet offers the confident Truth that is applicable to any generation.  Those who enjoy Dr. Jeremiah’s Turning Point broadcast will definitely enjoy this, his latest book.  Easy to read, challenging, and encouraging, I have no hesitancy to recommend Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World.


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