Reclaiming the Mind Toolbar Download. (easy & valuable!)

I’m not tech-savvy…and I’m always paranoid about anything that someone asks me to download. So I took what I considered, a great risk, (ha), and downloaded the Reclaiming the Mind Toolbar.

I am thrilled with this resource!  Get instructions here.

Included in the toolbar:

  • Daily Theo Reader: Access to many suggested Christian blogs.
  • Christian Study Portal: Direct links to the best study materials on the web.
  • Daily Bible: A daily bible reader and devotional.
  • MP3 Player: A player preloaded with suggested theological podcasts.

I encourage you to download it too.  If you don’t like it, they include a clean uninstaller as well.  Give it a go and see how you too will find valuable resources only a click away, gathered right on your toolbar so you don’t have to search all over the web for them.

Reclaiming the Mind has a ringing endorsement from the tech department at Grace Dependent!


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