10 Million Words – Tim Challies & New York Times bestsellers

Well-known, and well-read, Tim Challies of Challies.com is undertaking a new project in 2010 and invites the readers of his blog to follow along.  If you’ve followed Tim at all, you know he is an avid reader and an accurate book reviewer.  He revealed one of his goals for 2010 today at Challies.com:

I plan to read all of the New York Times Bestselling books over the course of the whole year.

More from his post today explaining his goal (10 Million Words):

Why Are You Doing This?
Just ten years in, the twenty-first century has already been fascinating and complex. The potential for a Y2K disaster was averted but within two years America saw a completely unforeseen disaster that showed just how small the world has become and proved that America was no longer safe within her own borders. Since then we have seen protracted wars, the deaths of iconic celebrities, a massive economic downturn that brought the world to the brink of depression, and the election of the nation’s first black President. All this and the century has only just begun.

America’s bestselling books tell us, I’m sure, who America is, who her people are, at this time and place. Surely they will give me a glimpse into the world’s most powerful, the world’s most fascinating nation.

So why am I doing it? That is a fair question and one that does not offend me in the least. There are a few answers. First, I love to read and this project gives me an opportunity to read a lot. That, as I see it, is a good thing. Second, it is a challenge and I like to face a good challenge. I expect this project to involve at least ten million words of reading–break that down and you’ll see that it comes to at least three books per week over the course of an entire year. Third, I am interested in the cultural and worldview implications of all of these books. They will provide, I’m sure, a snapshot of where America is at as she enters a new decade. And for me, as a Canadian who spends a fair amount of time wandering the United States and who has family living in the United States, this stands to be particularly interesting.

You can read more about who Tim is, as well as more about his goal in reading and reviewing here.  I read Tim’s blog daily and my interest is piqued to see what he shares as the new year begins.


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