Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church by Larry McCall (book review)

Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church is the latest release from Larry McCall (Walking Like Jesus Did).  He not only is an author but conference & leadership seminar speaker, and the Pastor for Preaching and Teaching at Christ’s Covenant Church which is just a short drive from where I live.  Published by BMH Books, a local publishing house, Loving Your Wife was a book I was immediately interested in reading and reviewing.

Loving Your Wife takes Ephesians 5:25 and unpacks it in such a way that men come to know a full understanding of Paul’s exhortation.  McCall challenges husbands to love their wives in very practical terms, and his pastor’s heart comes out at the end of every chapter as he provides questions to consider and action steps to apply.  His appendices further this practicality as he offers insight for men who may be married to an unconverted wife, living in a difficult marriage or those who might want to begin an accountability group.

Loving Your Wife was easy to read and yet challenged my thinking concerning my own marriage.  I found myself reflecting, and wincing from time to time, as I finished each chapter.  I enjoyed the manner in which Larry McCall probed nuances of the biblical text, and in the process stayed true to it’s intended meaning.  I envision this book being used by men’s groups, young married classes, as a counseling resource and other varied ways in & out of the church.

Recommended; 200 pp, soft-cover.

You can find Loving Your Wife at the BMH website, Amazon, and Christianbook.com.


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