Thanksgiving Giveaway! Monergism Books

Monergism Books is giving away three quality prizes for Thanksgiving:

  • First Prize – Calvin’s Commentaries

by John Calvin

This Special Collector’s edition contains the 22 commentary volumes plus the Beveridge edition of Calvin’s Institutes. Each volume includes a 500-year logo/emblem to celebrate the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth.

  • Second Prize – Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

by J. C. Ryle

Ryle’s ‘plain and pointed’ words are a great stimulus to the reading of the Bible itself. While his chief aim is to help the reader to know Christ, he additionally writes so that his commentaries can be read aloud to a group. There are many other fuller commentaries on the Gospels, but no others make such compelling listening as those of J.C. Ryle.

  • Third Prize¬† – The Gospel According to John

by D. A. Carson

In this commentary on John’s Gospel, a respected Scripture expositor makes clear the flow of the text, engages a small but representative part of the massive secondary literature on John, shows how the Fourth Gospel contributes to biblical and systematic theology, and offers a consistent exposition of John as a evangelistic Gospel.

To find out more about this giveaway (you must fill out a very short survey) click HERE.

(h/t Tim Challies)


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