R.C. Sproul’s John & Romans’ commentaries now 50% off!

Both R.C. Sproul’s new St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentaries retail for $62.00. Only for a limited time at RHB you can buy both for a total of $32.00!! Yes, only $32.00 (while supplies last).

ROMANS: Throughout church history, the study of the book of Romans has been pivotal to understanding Christian life and doctrine. Convinced that “Paul’s fullest, grandest, most comprehensive statement of the gospel” is just as vital today, R.C. Sproul delivered sixty sermons on Romans from 2005 to 2007 at Saint Andrew’s, where he has pastored for more than a decade. Sproul’s passage-by-passage expositions will not only enrich any preaching or teaching ministry but any thoughtful study of this weighty exposition.

JOHN: In John, the second volume in the St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary series, Dr. Sproul deals with major themes in his easily understandable style. Readers will find invaluable insights into the goals John had in writing his Gospel, the background for Jesus’ time, and the meanings of some of John’s most difficult passages. This introduction to the Gospel of John is packed with insights and exhortations that will draw the reader closer to the Savior and encourage him or her to a greater depth of love and devotion to Him.

R.C Sproul is founder and president of Ligonier Ministries and chancellor of Ligonier Academy.


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