Some fatherly advice

I know that many in the blogosphere have this parenting thing figured out…but sometimes, I have to be honest here, I just freak out when I think about the responsibility of being a dad! I have children that are teens, pre-teens, young children and just past the toddler stage. I believe wholeheartedly that being a dad is great job and a huge responsibility that is spoken to often in Scripture.

Today I was reading Proverbs 4 and have come up with a list of 12 things that dads should be doing in their fatherly role:

  1. Speaking instruction to their children. This will require some “face-to-face” time.
  2. Speaking in a captivating way. This will require some thought time on how to reach your kids.
  3. Speaking in a passionate way. Do your kids believe that you absolutely believe what you are telling them?
  4. Point them to truth in a clear way. Make sure they know exactly what you are communicating.
  5. Plead with them for obedience. Do your children know the gravity of disobedience against God?
  6. Make God’s truth appealing. How much time do you spend in crafting your discussion?
  7. Remind your children often of what you say. Don’t nag – just look for opportunities to remind!
  8. Demonstrate godly living in your own life. Use moments in your own life to direct them to righteousness.
  9. Speak to the preciousness of truth. Do your children recognize this in your own life?
  10. Describe the evil around them. They live in an evil world – they don’t need particulars, just warnings.
  11. Paint vividly the result of pursuing evil. Your kids need to know that wrong choices lead to terrible consequences.
  12. Describe the benefits of living righteously. How much time will you spend painting a picture of pious practice? Your kids need to know that there are wonderful benefits to godly living.

Read Proverbs 4. Can you see any other advice that needs to be given to fathers? Post your comments here so that we can all benefit!

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