What moves God?

Psalm 12 – from our daily reading plan.

Today’s reading provides one of “those” Psalms that really hit home.  It just seems to be very practical in nature and one that most Christians can identify with.  Below are my thoughts, aided by the Treasury of David (Spurgeon) on Psalm 12:

  • Help, Lord” – (v.1) – Sometimes the most efficient prayer for us as believers!  It just seems that we find ourselves in situations that seem unbearable, insurmountable and frustrating.  A cry for help to the One who can help proves necessary.  When faced with difficulties, trials and temptations, do not hesitate to cry out for HELP!
  • Necessity for Spiritual Upkeep – (v.1) – There is a progression (downward) seen in verse one.  The godly cease to be and then the faithful disappear.  When godliness falters, right living fails.  There is no more motivation to adhere to that which is right (practice / actions) when the heart fails to embrace Truth (mind / heart).  Encourage your fellow saints by not only your practice (faithfulness) but your passion (godliness).
  • Characteristics of those who lose godliness / faithfulness – (v.2) – speaking falsehood, flattering lips with a double heart.  The Christian is evidenced by speaking truth in love with his neighbor, by guarding the tongue and having speech that is singularly glorifying to God.  (for further reading: Ephesians 4:15-32; James 3)
  • What moves God to action?  (v.5) We must keep close to heart this truth: that God sees our affliction and He hears our prayer.  While we may wish He would move more swiftly in the middle of our devastation, we must trust that He will move and in due time move us to safety.  Please remember that He inclines His ear to His children.  God hears our cries for help!
  • God keeps and preserves His own.  (v.6)  How precious this truth is!  When we think we cannot go on further, when affliction and trouble press in on every side, it will be God who keeps us from evil and preserves us for His glory.  We do not have the power to live this life to which He has called us, and graciously, God accommodates our weakness with His preserving strength.

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