Local Walmart Advisory for our Church Members

Hey CBC family,

Last night Angie & I were in Walmart picking up a couple small items. As we headed to the front of the store (by the way, why is everything we need in the back of the store?) we walked by the Men’s department. The Walmart on SR15 has some winter coats on sale from $9 to $19.99. Some are heavier coats, some are not for “bitter cold” weather, but will do in normal conditions. Some are wool, some fleece, etc. Some of the $19.99 coats are the style of the “Old Navy” coats seen here:

They also have some Men’s sweater / sweatshirts, fleece lined for $5.00. Yeah, like $5.00. I’m wearing one now and will have it on for our Wednesday night meetings. I just want to make you aware of these deals – no doubt there are others – we didn’t spend a lot of time there. There is still a great selection, colors, etc.

Just thought you would like to know!

~Pastor Mark, just one of your “frugal” pastors.


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