To Save A Life


Last night I took some 15 or so senior high teens to see “To Save a Life”.  A story about friendship, broken relationships, teen suicide, teen temptations & the lure of the world and the grace of God which is powerful enough to break through and permeate every facet of life.

It was the second time I’ve watched this film.  My heart remained gripped by the story line as I sat in a row of teens from my church.  There are many similarities I think between the teens in the movie and the teens in our youth group.  We have “good” teens, teens not interested in pursuing God, teens that feel “on the outside” – tired of trying to “break in”, some teens are “faking” their Christianity and there are some who are really working through God, the Bible and how all of that fits together in all of life.

My greatest desire is that the teens in our youth group see Truth modeled in the leadership of our youth group, and in the leadership of the church.  That they see how Truth is vital to day to day living.  That Truth is impacting their own lives in special ways.  I want them to know that God loves them more than any one else could.  That the choices they make today, are important…and have consequences – good and bad.  I want them to know they are loved not only by me, but by those who chose to invest in their lives on a regular basis.  I want them to know that the Gospel is vital for eternity, but also vital for today…right now.

If you have a chance to see To Save a Life, do so.  If you’re a parent of a teen, someone who works with teens, a teenager or a pastor, you really need to see this movie.  It presents a myriad, almost overwhelming, head-spinning amount of events that are really just “normal” teen life.  It tackles issues like: teen suicide, teen sex, teen drinking, cutting, teen pregnancy, divorce, church, fake Christians, reaching out, and a number of other issues.  It doesn’t present the whole “God is a vending machine” type of faith.  It does show that God’s grace does impact every day living.  It demonstrates how Jesus will wade right into a mess of a broken down life, promising grace for this life and the next.  And that seems to be what its really all about isn’t it?  Grace.

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