The BCTC: Track 5: First full day

This morning found me scrambling…to get a cup of joe.  I thought I would try Starbucks here in Lafayette but the line wrapped around the building and didn’t move for the several minutes I was in it.

I was cutting it close to being late to my first session of the day, so I drove to a near-by local coffee shop, but it was closed.  What happened?  So I drove over to Faith Baptist and found my way up to the second floor where I would spend most of the day.  I dropped off the laptop and books and walked briskly across their parking lot to their Community Center – where they also have a coffee shop.  A few moments later I was enjoying a 20 oz. Mocha.  It was heavenly!

Today I touched base with Marcus from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Our paths crossed again in the main lobby area.  We had met briefly last night when we both had a chance to speak with Dr. Bob Smith.  We had an opportunity to pray in the lobby area – just that God would work in our lives, here at the conference and even when we leave to return to our respective homes.  I also was able to touch base with Dr. Bob Kellemen of RPM Ministries, as he is teaching a “How to Care Like Christ” session.  It was good to see him and chat just briefly.  Please check out his website for valuable biblical counseling resources.  If you are attending the conference, his booth is right outside the main auditorium and he has greatly reduced prices on all of his materials!

Today we discussed four major doctrines: God, Salavation, Christ and the Holy Spirit.  We are writing our theology exams as well and so it made for a very packed day.  The exercise is a good one because it is forcing me to wrestle with the doctrines in an attempt to be able to communicate them properly.  I desperately want to understand them clearly in my head, and be able to communicate them to a counselee in a manner which is simple yet accurate.  I purchased yet another theology book today: Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology.  I’m breaking it in already.

Probably the greatest thing I will walk away with today is learning to think about how to communicate the attributes of God as they relate to the people’s lives with whom I counsel.  I am overwhelmed with the “bigness” of God, and yet comforted by His intense desire to work in my life through His grace and His Spirit.  Today was a good day – immersed in grace.


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