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Sunday, Feb. 7, I preached a sermon entitled “Orphans: God’s Character & Our Conduct” as we wrapped up James 1.  I focused on James 1:27, and primarily the phrase, “…visit orphans…in their distress…”  I promised our congregation to not let the conversation die on our responsibility as the church to perform this duty given to us from God.  After the sermon, as I was meeting people in our congregation who were expressing interest in keeping this conversation alive, one of our members suggested looking into the foster care system as an alternative to help local children who fall into this category.  I thought that was an excellent idea; and we currently have foster parents in our church right now.  So when I came across this article in my blog reading today I immediately thougtht I would like to share it with CBC now:

The Children of U.S. Foster Care: A Call to Prayer – part 1

In recent weeks, the world has watched as the stories of Haitian orphans have been broadcast to billions.  The faces are etched on all of our minds as we see them on TV, in print, on the internet…it seems like everywhere we turn, we are faced with the plight of Haiti’s neediest children.  Through it all, God is awakening more and more of His people to the needs of orphans, not just in Haiti, but around the world…including those in our own backyard.

There are currently more than half a million children in the United States Foster Care System.  Of those, more than 120,000 are currently waiting for adoptive families.  Each year, about 20,000 will age out of foster care and onto the streets…18 years old…with few if any life skills, and no family to call their own.  Their lives after foster care will all too often be marked by homelessness, addiction, crime, imprisonment, teen pregnancies, and worse…

Many in the church have taken on the cause of foster care, and God is using His people to bring real transformation to many children’s lives as a result.  Still, far more must be done if we will see the number of waiting children and emancipating youth reduced to 0.

Where do we start?  We start where we should always start – on our knees before our God, pleading on behalf of our nation’s most vulnerable and at-risk children.

You may read the rest of the article here at the Hope for Orphans blog. Please also check out the Hope for Orphans website – (one of the websites I suggested as an adoption resource to our congregation).

Please.  Do not let this conversation fade into oblivion.

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