Jesus: Grace in My Life

Okay, CBC – I’m giving a sneak peek at my outline for Sunday night.  I really would like you to come and hear what I have found in my study of Matthew 14:22-33.  Please take time to read it and pray that God will use it to change your heart & life’s direction.

I would love to do a sermon series on Matthew.  One in which I would just focus on the grace given through Jesus Christ.  I would entitle it: Jesus: Grace in My Life.  Before we get to Matthew 14, we need to see the context of that chapter.  Since we’re doing a topical study on Peter’s life on Sunday evenings, we’ll start where all the disciples are chosen by Christ.

  • Matthew 10 & 11 – Jesus: Grace in My Experiences (the disciples are experiencing incredible things at the hand of Christ)
  • Mathew 12 – Jesus: Grace in My Conflicts (the disciples are spectators to the Pharisees’ opposition to Christ)
  • Matthew 13 – Jesus: Grace in My Learning (the disciples are receiving the grace of Christ through His explanation of His parables)
  • Matthew 14 – Jesus: Grace in My Trials (the bottom is going to drop out of the disciples’ world now)
    • vv.1-13 – Jesus: Grace in Times of Death (John the Baptist is killed)
    • vv14-21 – Jesus: Grace in Times of Duty (Feeding of the 5,000 – how would you do it?)
    • vv.22-33 – Jesus: Grace in Times of Disaster (Jesus walks out on the water to his struggling disciples)
      • v.22 – Grace puts me in a place to grow my faith
      • v.23 – Grace puts me in a place to experience God’s will
      • v.24,25 – Grace puts me in a place beyond my control
      • v.25,26 – Grace puts me in a place where my weak faith is exposed
      • v.27-29 – Grace puts me in a place to ask for the unthinkable
      • v.30,31 – Grace puts me in a place to realize my continued dependence on God
      • v.32,33 – Grace brings me to a place of worship

What are you going to do when God places you in a situation beyond the borders of your theology?  Where nothing makes sense?  Your trust in God will drive you beyond your ability to rationalize & make sense of the situation.  The grace of God will bring you to the point where you are conformed to the image of His dear Son, Jesus Christ.  Rest in that grace.


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