Thoughts & Summaries from the Adopting for Life Conference – 2010

February 26 & 27 found my wife and I attending the Adopting for Life conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  I am adding links to the session notes that I took from the sessions that I attended.  They are mainly my thoughts as they occurred to me and may not make total sense to you, the reader, but you may gain a sense of what I took away from the conference.

The links will be Word Documents:

Dr. Russell Moore‘s general session #2: Dr Russell Moores plenary session 2.26.10

Dan Cruver – Adoption & Orphan Care: the True Story of Redemption: Breakout Session Adopting for Life Conference 2010 Dan Cruver Story of Redemption

Tera Melber – Taking Initiative: Launching an Orphan Care Ministry in the Local Church: Adopting for Life Conf – Taking Initiative – Launching a church ministry

I have two more session notes to post; one from Dr.David Platt and the other from Jedd Medefind.


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