Real March Madness: My Pix

I am at best a nominal fan of college basketball.  My sport is pro football…and if I had my druthers, I’d have the camera only focus on the scrimmage line.  I am in awe of the hitting, the pure mass of muscular motivation and the grind it out attitude play after play.  So, college basketball pales a bit in my mind’s eye.  (I am ready to hear from all the basketball fans out there, btw).

In an attempt to provide great levity to those who are consumed with college basketball, and in an attempt to work up some passion for the game and March Madness, I submit to you my picks.  There is no real surprise as I pretty much followed the rankings, but I did try to mix it up a bit early on.  So, let me know where I’ve made my mistakes and chosen incorrectly!  If nothing else, I hope to provide a laugh or two, perhaps some sort of Maniacal March Madness laugh…

Midwest Bracket

West Bracket

East Bracket

South Bracket

Finals Bracket

As I browsed my Blog RSS Reader, I saw James MacDonald’s church getting involved with the March Madness.  Check out what their doing:


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