Challies’ Friends of the Blog website – NEW!

Here is what you’ll find when you click through to Tim Challies’ new Friends of the Blog website:

Tim Challies here, welcoming you to Friends of the Blog, a membership program that I know is going to prove worth your while.

Here’s how it works:

When you become a Friend of the Blog, you receive stuff–really good stuff. With your membership you will get magazine subscriptions, books, album downloads, gift certificates, coupon codes, and more. All of these are free with your membership. And there’s more! Your membership is for one year and there will be new items and new benefits added over the course of the year. What you see now is a good start, but it’s just that–a start.

You will want to visit How It Works in order to see the complete list that is available as soon as you become a Friend of the Blog.

Heard enough? Then go ahead and Subscribe now to get all of these benefits (and more)!

Once again Tim has produced a website that is resource rich and that encourages solid, biblical growth. I’d encourage you to consider becoming a “Friend of the Blog”. I am confident that this also will be a blessing to you.

check out Tim’s other websites as well


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