Reminder on the book giveaway this Friday!

Just a reminder that I’m giving this book away on Friday!

This Little Prayer of Mine written by Anthony DeStefano and published by WaterBrook Press is a wonderful resource for parents to use in guiding their child in prayer. The book, which is illustrated beautifully by Mark Elliott, captured the attention of my own children as I read it to them.

DeStefano covers such topics as: Fear, Sadness & Joy, Forgiveness, being Alone, Selfishness, Thankfulness, Service, Giving, Trust in God – for this present life and the next, Gratitude, and Obedience. This book could be used as a “jumping off” point for little conversations around any of these points. My four year old son, loved the pictures and commented on them regularly through the reading of this book. The book also held the attention of my six year old.

I not only recommend this book to parents of young children, but have an extra copy to give away. If you would like to be eligible for a copy of this book, please do one of the following:

  • Post a comment here indicating interest
  • Tweet a comment about this book giveaway, complete with a link to this post
  • Post a comment on facebook about this giveaway, with a link pointing back to this post.
  • Post a link on your blog pointing your readers back to this post.

Each of these grants you one more entry for an opportunity to receive this book completely FREE. I will announce the winner of this book on Friday, April 15, 2010.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


2 thoughts on “Reminder on the book giveaway this Friday!

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  2. I’d like to express my interest in this book! Pls take this as my 1st entry.

    2nd entry: I tweeted this.
    3rd: I blogged about this with a link back to your post.
    4th. posted a comment on Facebook


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