Some Rules of the Bean from Dreaming in Color

Every year in our church we have several students from Grace College attend our services.  I absolutely love this time when they come and get wholeheartedly involved.  I try to keep up with them on several levels, one being reading their blogs if I am made aware of them.  Today I re-post part of one such blog, and strongly encourage you to click through and read the rest of the post at Dreaming in Color.  The post is about “Some Rules of the Bean” – and deals with a subject close to my heart: coffee.  Here is my favorite rule: (Rule #5)

5. If you’re waiting in a long line just to order a decaf drink, it might be a good idea to go to the back of the line and let the caffeine-deprived people get their fix first. I cannot understand why, except for heart-related reasons or, if you’re a Christian, not wanting to be mastered by even a legal addictive stimulant, someone would order a decaf drink before like 4 PM. So if you’re chipper at 7:00 but just want the taste of coffee without the caffeine, get to the back.

Please click through and read the others.  This Grace student from Alaska really knows her coffee…and rules!  By the way, she also loves God with a passion, serves our church graciously and in humility, and is an encouragement to the pastoral staff!  Thanks Katie!


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