Morel Mushroom Hunting

Yesterday I was able to take a break from the “normalcy” of life and attend an open house for my nephew’s wife, who recently completed her college studies. At their farm in Lakeville, Indiana – just south of South Bend, we joined up with other family members and friends to encourage and celebrate her achievements.

While there on the farm I was able to take a walk in the woods with my son, Brice, and my father-in-law’s wife, Shirley. Shirley is an avid “mushroomer”, and I am a novice, only having gone a couple of times. This was Brice’s first go around. Shirley got us into the mushrooms pretty quickly and and we came away with a nice little haul. The pictures are what we picked. Brice went back out later with some others who were interested and found eight more really nice ones, which we gave away to those who wanted them. It was a fun and relaxing time in the woods with Shirley and my oldest son. God was gracious in allowing such a time to take place. I treasure these times more and more it seems.


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