Benjah – Music Recommendation

I love music.  I love finding artists I haven’t heard of and exploring new genres & sounds.  I desire to listen to artists that proclaim Truth through their music.  I found such an artist in Benjah.  According to, Benjah’s style has developed:

Through various experiments and much time, he has created a refreshing experience for your ears coupled with a lyrical journey through his life. Benjah’s unique sound, dubbed Island Soul Rock, comes from diverse influences including Lauryn Hill, the Marley’s, Musiq Soulchild, and John Mayer.

It’s hip hop with reggae.  It’s soulful, rhythmic and easy on the ears.  The message that comes through the lyrics is gospel gold:

In the present culture, media consumes lives with luring eyes and tickling ears.  It promotes the temporal and distracts from the eternal. This leaves us in a prison of muddy water than binds our minds and souls with confusion.

When I saw this clearly, I felt burdened to speak and expose what I have learned. The music I write is a lyrical explanation of the journey God is bringing me through. I hope it encourages you as well as challenges you to find truth.  It is a call all to resist the seduction of this fallen world and wage war against sin and self.

My mission is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ, the only key to unlock the prison doors. He alone is victorious over satan, sin and the world. Only through him can anyone be saved.

You can find more of Benjah here:



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