God’s Healing for Life’s Losses by Dr. Bob Kellemen-review

Title: God’s Healing for Life’s Losses: How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting
Author: Dr. Bob Kellemen
Pages: 100; Hardcover


Jesus promises that life will be filled with losses” – that’s how Dr. Kellemen begins his latest work, God’s Healing for Life’s Losses.  Exuding hope, this book becomes a wonderful resource that compassionately directs the reader to find healing for life’s losses in Christ and with Christ.

How do we face such losses and crosses?  How do we handle life’s strains and pains?  [We need to] answer such candid and confusing questions honestly and biblically. (p.3; God’s Healing for Life’s Losses)

Dr. Kellemen patiently directs the reader through an honest examination of the world’s model of the grief process: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.  Identifying the limitations of the world’s model describing the typical grief process, Kellemen then offers a biblical approach to grieving and growing (8 stages):

  • Candor: Honesty with myself
  • Complaint: Honesty with God
  • Cry: Asking God for help
  • Comfort: Receiving God’s help
  • Waiting: Trusting with faith
  • Wailing: Groaning with hope
  • Weaving: Perceiving with grace
  • Worshiping: Engaging with love

I appreciate this work on suffering and loss as it deals plainly with the reality of hurt and grief in our lives.  Dr. Kellemen has included, at the end of every chapter, a list of questions for the reader to work through.  In these questions they can work through the truth they have just read and practically apply the truth into their personal journey of suffering.  These questions make this book a wonderful resource for biblical counselors.

Dr.Kellemen writes, not as one unacquainted with grief, but openly relates his own personal journey of loss and suffering, and how the truths that he writes impacted that time in his life.  He recognizes that while the reader’s journey might be vastly different in style, substance and duration, the truths of Scripture apply to every situation:

Grief is never a nice, neat package.  Finding hope when you’re hurting follows no outline.  Whatever “process” there is, it is uniquely personal.  And that process is more like two stages forward and one stage back.  Perhaps even more realistically, you may find yourself in several stages at any one time. […] The colors and contours may not seem to make any sense whatsoever.  But because God’s Word is sufficient and relevant, you can be confident that through Christ you are weaving a beautiful tapestry.

I encourage you to purchase a copy of God’s Healing for Life’s Losses for your own personal journey, and perhaps, a second copy for a friend or family member going through a time of loss, suffering or grief.  This book would also be a valuable tool for a support group as they work through the grieving process.  You can currently read a sample chapter at RPM Ministries website, as well as purchase the book with a 33% discount.  Please click here for details.

Over the next week I intend to use Twitter and tweet short excerpts from God’s Healing for Life’s Losses – I will be using the hashtag: #GH4LL.  If you are a user of Twitter, please follow along.

Would you like to receive a complimentary copy of God’s Healing for Life’s Losses?  Dr. Kellemen has offered to make 12 copies available to 12 random people who leave a comment on the blog at which they read the book review.  Leave a comment below to give yourself an opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of God’s Healing for Life’s Losses.


5 thoughts on “God’s Healing for Life’s Losses by Dr. Bob Kellemen-review

  1. Hope for the hurting- this book sounds so helpful. Would love to read it/share it!

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive a copy.

  2. I would love to get a copy of this book to help me better understand the grief process and the steps to recovery from the pain of life’s great losses. Your work is wonderful Bob and so encouraging.

  3. I have experienced lots of losses. I have been unemployed for 17 months. I have used all my income, savings, and retirement. I work three jobs and bring home 1/3 the income I once made. I look every week for employment but receive more rejection letters. My father is dying of COPD and because of my income situation I can’t be there for him or my mother. I graduated from seminar in 1990, served as a missionary pastor for 4 years. My wife and I experienced painful disappointments in ministry and left full-time ministry in 1994. I have tried to return to ministry but churches can’t look beyond the gap. Yet, in the middle of these losses, I trust God. My faith and hope is in Him. He does meet our needs and He is there. I could get bitter (and have been) but I chose to become better “In Christ”. I would like a copy of the book because I can’t buy one but I know it would be an encouragement to us (my wife and I) and be used to ministry to others who have experienced loss. God is faithful and His Word is true. We are growing “In Him” and He will be glorified as we continue to live “In Him.”

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