Co-Blogging Through the Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

Yesterday it was revealed that Garry, over at “the Hippopotamus“, and I would be co-blogging through Puritan Richard Baxter’s the Reformed Pastor.  I thought it would be good for you to see the breakdown of how we anticipate, Lord willing, to blog through the work.  Below you will see how the book is broken down in sections, as well as which of us will be blogging each section.  Garry’s sections are highlighted in orange, mine in blue.Please follow along with us and feel free to jump in and comment as you desire!

The Reformed Pastor, a breakdown of the book:

  • Chapter One, The Oversight of Ourselves

    • Section One -� The Nature of This Oversight
    • Section Two – The Motives to This Oversight
  • Chapter Two, The Oversight of the Flock
    • Section One – The Nature of This Oversight
    • Section Two – The Manner of This Oversight
    • Section Three – The Motives of This Oversight
  • Chapter Three, Application
    • Section One – The Use of Humiliation
    • Section Two – The Duty of Personal Catechizing & Instructing the Flock Particularly Recommended
      • Part One – Motives to This Duty
        • Article One – Motives From the Benefits of the Work
        • Article Two – Motives From the Difficulties of the Work
        • Article Three – Motives From the Necessity of the Work
        • Article Four – Application of These Motives
      • Part Two – Objections to This Duty
      • Part Three – Directions for This Duty
        • Article One – Directions for Bringing Our People to Submit to the Exercise
        • Article Two – Directions for Prosecuting the Exercise with Success

The scheduling allows each of us to blog through approximately 20 pages at a time.  We will make personal and corporate application as we blog through Baxter’s book.  I would encourage anyone who has a copy of the Reformed Pastor to join with us.  We would love to interact with any questions or comments you might have.

If I could get a hat like Baxter’s, I would so wear it.


2 thoughts on “Co-Blogging Through the Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

  1. Bob,
    Garry will be jealous that you left a comment for him on my website – but I think he’ll repent soon enough. Thanks for stopping by and I pray that our entries will be an encouragement to you.

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