Addison Road – “Stories”: a music CD review

I just received the latest Addison Road cd (Stories) in the mail, along with a pretty cool looking t-shirt.  I got turned on to Addison Road when they performed a concert over at Warsaw Community Church.  I enjoyed their intense passion & message and really enjoyed their music.  I started following them on Twitter and on their website and kept up with their music.  Since I received this new album, I thought I would do a quick review for you.

There are 10 songs on this album.  I’ve listed them below and given my short thoughts on them as well:

  • Fight Another Day
    • Great song to encourage you when you’re facing a difficult time-when you’re finding it hard to keep going.  Great reminders to “…have a little faith when the walls cave in, [to] pray for strength to fly against the wind…”
  • Change in the Making
    • So far this is my favorite tune on the entire album.  I like both it’s sound and message.
    • This song speaks to the ongoing work that Christ is performing in us.  “…this is redemption’s story / with every step that I’m taking / every day / You’re chipping away / what I don’t need / this is me under construction / this is my pride being broken / and every day I’m closer to who I’m meant to be / I’m a change in the making…”
  • This Little Light of Mine
    • One of the songs that I really don’t care for.  The music is catchy – the message is deceiving, in my opinion
    • “…there’s a little flame inside us all…don’t forget whose child you are” and “…there’s a little light inside us all…” – these lyrics tied to the relationship we experience with Christ in the song can present a serious problem.  The truth is that there is not “a little light inside us all”.  The reality is that there are believers and unbelievers – those that accept Christ and those that reject him.
  • Won’t Let Me Go
    • What an encouragement this song is!  The absolute trust that we can put in Jesus Christ when our life turns into whirlwind of disaster!
    • “…even when my heart breaks / and everything’s shaken / I’m left alone in the rain / you won’t, you won’t, won’t / you won’t let me go / when life’s insane / and everything’s crazy / you carry me through the pain / and you won’t, you won’t, won’t / you won’t let me go
  • Need You Now
    • A terrific song that encourages the listener to stop trusting in self and realize their need to be totally dependent on Jesus Christ.
  • Show Me Life
    • Forgetting what lies behind, I press on for the prize… that’s the message of this song.
  • Don’t Wait
    • One of the songs that I find myself playing “air drums” and “air guitar” to.  Love this tune!
    • The message is a sobering, speaking to the loss of a friend.  The realization that we cannot squander life, but we need to live today because it is the time we are given.  Don’t Wait…live life with no regrets.
  • Where it all Begins
    • This song speaks to the writer being “twenty-nine” – I don’t even remember 29!
    • It is a good song that speaks to the reality doing the “gut check” and making sure we are living as we are supposed to.
  • Who I Am in You
    • Living a life dependent on the grace of our Lord and Savior is a scary proposition.  This song speaks to the desire…and the fear…that might accompany someone who desires to be “grace dependent”.
    • There is intense satisfaction in being who God wants us to be – when we realize that, we realize that everything else was just “…pulling me under, in too deep…”
  • My Story
    • A prayerful song expressing desire to follow God wholeheartedly and solely – to remain un-distracted from all the other “opportunities” out there.

Overall I would highly recommend this album for your consideration.  I like the sound of Addison Road and I appreciate their message overall.

Questions to consider:

  1. What is your favorite Addison Road song?
  2. Have you purchased the album “Stories” yet?

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