Christian Contentment: Its appearance in the midst of affliction

I am reading The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, written by Puritan author, Jeremiah Burroughs.  I am reading it, not because I desire to but because I need to.  I posted Burroughs’ definition of Christian Contentment here recently, and currently reading his thoughts on what he means by the “quiet” of the heart.  He gives 8 qualities of what a quiet and contented heart is and then ends his thoughts with these words:

When affliction comes, whatever it is, you do not murmur; though you feel it, though you make your cry to God, though you desire to be delivered, and seek it by all good means, yet you do not murmur or repine [to express dejection or discontent; to complain], you do not fret or vex yourself, there is not a tumultuousness of the spirit in you, not an instability, there are not distracting fears in your hearts, no sinking discouragements, no unworthy shifts, no risings in rebellion against God in any way: This is quietness of spirit under an affliction…when the soul is so able to bear an affliction as to keep quiet under it.

And that is quite the sentence to meditate on…


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