Suffering, Hardship & Difficulties…What do you do with them?

Just a short note to my friends at Calvary Baptist in Leesburg: I’ve been studying 1 Peter 1 for my upcoming sermon Sunday night in our ongoing study of Peter’s epistle.  My sermon will be entitled, “Salvation & Suffering: Where Does the Joy Come in?”

Sometimes I just want to say that I didn’t sign on for all this difficulty!  Pastors keep telling me to be joyful…how do I do that in the middle of my pain?  Peter deals with all these emotions and responses and he keeps guiding us back to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We’ll make the connection (between joy, salvation & suffering) Sunday night.  I hope that you come and are encouraged!

A friend of mine, Dr. Bob Kellemen, finished a book review of James MacDonald’s book, When Life is Hard.  I invite you to read the review and obtain a copy of this book for your own reading.  Dr. K has also produced a great resource for dealing with hardships in life, “God’s Healing for Life’s Losses“.  This can be picked up locally at the Tree of Life cafe’ on Grace College campus or ordered through his website.  If you cannot afford a copy, I have one in my office for you to borrow.


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