Pain update – CBC members

Just a quick update for our Calvary Baptist Church members.  I really have appreciated the inquiries and prayers on behalf of my ongoing spinal care.  I want to take this time to update everyone in a central location so that everyone will have the opportunity to be on the same page.

Some brief history: Last September I had spinal fusion of L4/L5 due to spondylolisthesis and fracture of the L5.  This initially helped tremendously with the pain I was experiencing down my legs and in my lower back due to the disc being compressed and bulging on the nerves.  At about the 6 month point, following surgery, I began to experience greater pain, very similar to what I had before surgery.  After pursuing some treatments/exercises, etc and following some various methods of diagnosis, it was determined about 2/3 weeks ago that the disc between L4/L3 was bulging and pressing on the nerves.  The obvious question is, “Why didn’t you have that taken care of with your previous spinal fusion”?  Well, good question.  The answer to that is that we didn’t think that it would be a problem so quickly after surgery.

Current status: Last Wednesday I received an epidural steroid injection (link will show a video of the procedure) whose purpose was to move “medicine” to the inflammation and provide some relief.  The results were to be seen in 3-7 days.  I am happy to report that the pain is lessening in my lower back.  The pain/tingling/burning in my legs is lessening somewhat but still irritating.  I now have pain in my mid to upper back, but that feels like I am out of adjustment – and I will be contacting my chiropractor to see about having that corrected.  The good news is that I am “feeling different” and prayerfully, headed in a direction of ridding my back of pain.  I know that this does not solve the problem of the bulged disc, but I may be pursuing different methods of dealing with that – other than surgery.

I have been over and above pleased with the care I have received at Ft.Wayne Neurological CenterDr.Canavati and Dr.Lutz have demonstrated amazing interest and compassion for my condition.  They have aggressively moved in directions to find relief from my pain.

I want to just let everyone know that I really am appreciative of your prayers and inquiries into my health.  I am willing also to listen to tips, ideas and suggestions on back care.  I may not take your advice – but I am finding that one must be willing to pursue a vast array of information to be a better patient.  Feel free to ask any clarifying questions – I’ll be happy to answer if I can.

Question: When you experience general back pain, what provides you with immediate relief?


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