A New Year: A New Pastor at CBC. Meet Kirk Barger, pt.1 of 4

On December 19, 2010, the members of Calvary Baptist Church gathered to vote on our pastoral candidate, Kirk Barger, to fill the role of Senior Pastor at CBC.  Our church experienced a unique meeting in that we “already knew” Kirk & Annette fairly well.  Having served in our church before becoming missionaries to Norway, and then our church being their sending church for when they left for Norway, allowed us to get to know them over the past 20+ years.  But our church has grown.  There are many who don’t know Kirk as well as others.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to “interview” Kirk and post his responses on this blog for our people to read.  The interview was broken into four sections: Personal Interests, Counseling Interests, Bible Interests and Ministry Interests. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Kirk’s passion and ministry:

Personal Interests:

Mark: What hobbies do you have apart from ministry-related interests?

Kirk: I actually have several hobbies.  First, I love sports.  One of my favorites is playing softball.  I also like to play tennis and golf.  Another hobby which I enjoy is bow hunting for deer.  Nothing beats sitting out in the beauty of God’s creation in the crisp autumn just soaking up the morning.  And last but certainly not least, I love to shop – is that really a hobby?  Anyway, my favorite trip was to the Mall of America, 4 floors of stores for an entire day!  Now THAT’S how you shop ’til you drop!

Mark: Do any of your hobbies include your family, or are they strictly hobbies only you enjoy?

Kirk: Typically I try to include my family in my hobbies Annette and I like to play tennis together.  Sometimes the kids play tennis too.  Landon and I both play softball on the church team and Annette likes to watch.  In the past, I have been deer hunting alone, but now that Landon is old enough, I took him out with me last year (along with Ryan who was the only one to get a deer).  As for shopping, Annette and I do that together!

Mark: If you could do anything at all – go any where – what would you do and where would you go?

Kirk: I would love to go to Israel, Turkey, and Greece, the Biblical areas, together with Annette.  I have always dreamed of seeing the Bible lands and to be able to both see and understand what was taking place in the Scriptures in those particular areas.

Mark: Who is your favorite author to read?

Kirk: This is a tough one!  I like to read many different authors.  John Piper, Jay Adams, John MacAthur, Kent Hughes, John Owens, Craig Groeschel, and Francis Chan.  But I would have to say one of my favorite authors would be D.A. Carson.  I like how clearly he writes especially for the depth of subjects he tackles.


We will post the rest of the interview over the next three days, Lord willing.

Your chance to interact: What question would you ask Kirk if given the chance?


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