Developing a Developing Post

Over at 9Marks’ website I came across an article written by Michael McKinley about Four Qualities of a Developer.  (one who would be developing leaders).  I’ve reproduced those qualities below:

  1. Humility –  It is easy for your ministry to become (at least in part) about you and your reputation.  If that happens, you won’t be anxious to help see the ministry of younger men flourishing.
  2. Patience — Guys who are just starting out usually aren’t very good at preaching, leading, or pastoring.  It takes patience and faith to watch them develop over time into good pastors.
  3. Forbearance — Guys who are just starting out ten to make a lot of public mistakes.  You’ll occasionally have to clean up after them and not pull the plug on them.
  4. Intentionality — Developing leaders doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes intentional planning to give opportunities to younger guys so that they can grow

What struck me as I read through this list: Humility, Patience, Forbearance and Intentionality, is that this list could be expanded even further.  It could take in Parenting, Marriage, the Workplace and much more.  Really, any area of life where you have a relationship with another human being, you can be developing these four qualities.

Think about it in relationship to Parenting:

  1. Humility – It’s easy for parents to be caught up in the temptation to think that how their kids turn out is simply a reflection of who they are (the parents) and not a result of God’s working in the lives of their children.  If you think it’s all about you as a parent, you will be stressing out over every misstep that your child makes…and you’ll be gloating when you should be glorifying.
  2. Patience: Well, if you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you’ll understand that you will need divine patience to see your children develop and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Forbearance: Your kids will mess up.  They’ll make mistakes and they will sin.  They will do so because they came from you.  Sinners produce sinners!  What your kids need is a safe place to call home where they are unconditionally loved as you the parent mirror God to them.  It’s living out the gospel in your parenting.
  4. Intentionality: Don’t expect your kids to turn into vibrant Christians or model citizens on their own.  They’ll need guidance from parents who are providing opportunities for them to develop and grow.  They’ll need parents who are doing the same things that they (the parents) are requiring from their children.

Chance to Interact: How else do you see these four qualities being developed in other areas of life?


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