A New Year, A New Pastor: Meet Kirk Barger; pt.3 of 4

Just over halfway in the interview with Pastor Kirk, our new Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church.  So far we have talked about his Personal Interests and his Counseling Interests. Today we will see what interests him concerning the Bible.

Bible Interests:

Mark: What is your favorite book of the Bible?

Kirk: Wow, tough one!  I would have to say Ephesians but James would be a close second.

Mark: If you only had one book of the Bible to teach through, what would it be?  Why?

Kirk: Again, I would say Ephesians.  The reason I choose Ephesians is because it is “chock-full” of wisdom about who God is, becoming a believer, and how to become transformed and live the Christian life until the end!  That’s a helpful book!

Mark: Someone new to the Christian faith asks you what book of the Bible to study first, what would it be?  Why?

Kirk: I would point them to 1 John.  1 John explains many aspects of the Christian life that we “older believers” tend to forget after being saved for a while—things like not loving the world or the things in the world, loving others as Christ loved us, forgiveness, etc.  These truths are special for a new believer who is going to have to be constantly battling the desires of his flesh from his former life.


Tomorrow will be the final set of questions for Pastor Kirk.  They will revolve around his Ministry Interests.

Chance to Interact: What would your answers to be to these interview questions?  What is your favorite book of the Bible?  What book of the Bible would you point a new believer to?  Why?


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