A New Year, A New Pastor: Meet Kirk Barger; pt.4 of 4

Today will be our last post from the interview with Pastor Kirk.  Previous posts revealed his Personal Interests, Counseling Interests, and Bible Interests.  Today we’ll hear from Kirk in regard to his Ministry Interests.  These questions and answers impact not only all of our members and attendees at Calvary Baptist, but also our community.  I think you’ll enjoy Kirk’s passion once again.

Ministry Interests:

Mark: What excites you the most about becoming the new Senior Pastor at CBC?

Kirk: Several things are exciting to me:  1)  I look forward to renewing old acquaintances; 2)  I look forward to getting to know those whom we do not know very well after being gone from Calvary for the last 10+ years; 3)  I look forward the opportunity to share with the CBC family what God has been teaching me through life and His Word via preaching and teaching; 4)  I look forward to working with two great guys—Greg and Mark—and one incredible secretary—Karen!  5)  I look forward to seeing CBC continue to grow more like Christ both as a body and individually as we affect Kosciusko County for Christ;  6)  Finally, just the opportunity to serve at home—CBC is, and has always been, our home!

Mark: How have you seen CBC grow and change since you first attended it?

Kirk: There are several ways I have seen CBC grow and change.  One of the ways would be that CBC has become a church that reaches out more—i.e. with food needs, clothes needs, monetarily, through individuals helping others in the church, the willingness displayed.  As I have watched these past 7 months while home on furlough, I have noticed a marked resemblance of people living like followers of Christ!  That’s exciting for me as the new pastor!  Another way CBC has grown is in the amount of people serving, helping, and assisting in the many ministries at CBC.  Now, just because I say that doesn’t mean “we’re good.”  There is always room to improve.  But it is very encouraging for me to see people using their gifts!

Mark: Currently, what are some things that you would like the members of CBC to pray for?

Kirk: Specifically, pray for these things:  1) The move; 2)  The house God has for us which we can buy when we return; 3)  Preparation time for studying during the move; 4)  A smooth transition both when our “stuff” arrives and at CBC when we get back; 5)  Patience for all as we learn to work together!  See ya when we get back!!


Chance to Interact: How are you praying for your pastor?


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